GW’s England and Bradley Sign with PHCC Women’s Basketball

May 6, 2015

 On Monday George Washington basketball players Kedra Bradley and Leprecious England signed with Patrick Henry Community College.

It’s no coincidence the two ended up together, with the highly productive duo having the plan to play together since middle school.

“Well we started back in eighth and ninth grade, and to know she’s coming with me is a very good feeling,” explained England.

“I’m kind of nervous because I’m going to the next level,” added Bradley. “It’s a higher level competition and higher level education. So it’s kind of nice having a person there that I already know and I’ve already played with.”

They believe taking the next step together will not only help them on the court, but in the classroom as well.

And there’s another G.W. connection that’s going to help with the transition.

“I’ve known both since they were very young,” said Patrick Henry CC womens basketball coach Brian Henderson. “I’ve watched them play at the Boys & Girls club, I watched them play at AAU and I reached out to them and gave them the opportunity.”

Henderson is also the athletic director for Patrick Henry CC, and was an interim coach for the G.W. boys basketball team in the 2011-12 season when Bobby Martin took a leave of absence in the middle of the season.

He’s excited to have added the two former Eagles.

“Kedra and Leprecious are joining a recruiting class that we feel can not only be successful off the court, but on the court as well,” said Henderson. “That definitely makes me feel blessed that they chose to play for us. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

 He’s already given the two players advice, telling England to focus on driving more than her three-point shooting, and instructing Bradley to get stronger with her left hand.

“It’s a great feeling,” said England. “He knows the background and what we came through, that helps.”

“He’s from here, he’s been here and we just feel a good vibe with him,” added Bradley.


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