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PHCC tabs Jones to lead baseball program

June 7, 2013

Patrick Henry Community College’s new head baseball coach is hoping to create a family atmosphere at PHCC while raising one of his own.

When Lucas Jones weighed the opportunity of leaving his position as full-time assistant coach at George Mason University to become PHCC’s newest athletic hire, his hesitation didn’t center on doubts about the job offer in Martinsville.

Instead, the doubt centered on how his wife, who is expecting their first child, would react to a new hometown she had never visited.

“Walking away from (my job interview) here, I knew instantly that this was the place for me, just from the sense of community,” said Jones. “The challenging part was my wife didn’t get to come with me, because we’re expecting a little one literally any day now. So she couldn’t travel, which meant it was kind of me making the decision for the whole family. That was more pressure than actually deciding if I wanted to take the job or not.”

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